Makala Ukuleles

Makala ukuleles are made in China. They are in fact simply the cheaper models from the Kala range, but still offer a full range of quality, well priced ukuleles. The Makala ukuleles are well made, most of the models from agathis wood, and come in Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone sizes. The Makala Dolphin soprano ukuleles come in all sorts of colours and are extremely well priced, and offer some hot competition for the Mahalo ukuleles.

Makala Ukuleles for sale in UK

Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukuleles

Soprano size ukulele in many vibrant colours, including white, green, pink, yellow, light blue, black and red. These little Makala ukuleles also feature a rosewood dolphin bridge and rosewood fingerboard. The Makala Dolphin ukuleles are some real competition for the Mahalo ukes. All of them come with side geared tuners too.

  • Soprano size
  • Huge range of colours
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Side geared tuners
  • Makala Ukuleles

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    About the Makala Ukulele Range

    Makala are essentially the cheaper, non solid wood versions of the Kala ukuleles. As you would expect from Kala, there's a big choice, offering good quality instruments and great value for money. The Makala "Dolphin" soprano ukuleles are probably the most popular, and these offer a great alternative to the coloured Mahalo ukuleles. The coloured Makala ukuleles are quite well made (especially for a ukulele of this price) and are a good option for anyone wanting to try the ukulele without spending a lot, and in particular for kids who want their first ukulele.

    Makala also offer the MK range of ukuleles - the soprano MK-S, concert MK-C, tenor MK-T and baritone MK-B. Again, these are cheaper alternatives to the solid wood ukuleles that are out there. In fact they are made by the same people, in the same factory, as ukuleles that are a lot more expensive.

    Geared Tuners v Friction Tuners

    Another benefit to choosing a Makala is that they come with geared tuners. Cheaper ukuleles are, of course, likely to come with cheaper tuning pegs. And if you have to choose between a cheap friction tuner or a cheap geared tuner, always go for a geared tuner.

    Friction tuners are the traditional option for ukuleles. They are lighter and therefore tend to suit such a little instrument as the uke. And they can be very, very good indeed. There are some excellent friction tuners available, from well known brands such as Gotoh. And if you look at the higher end range of ukuleles, such as the Kiwaya or KoAloha, you will see they use high quality friction tuners. But the cheap friction tuners aren't so good, and you may well find yourself getting annoyed that they can't keep the ukulele in tune. So in this case, choose a ukulele with geared tuners. Cheaper geared tuners are light, and will hold the tuning better than cheap friction pegs.

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