Baritone Ukulele Cases

Everyone wants to protect their precious ukulele, so there will always be a time when you want to buy a hard case or gig bag for it. You may see plenty of different cases out there, althoug most of them are available in USA rather than in Europe. But there are one or two suppliers who import ukulele cases, including cases from Ohana, Kala, Hohner, Stagg and Gator.

Baritone Ukulele Cases for sale in UK

Buying a Baritone Ukulele Case

There are a few things to think about when buying a ukulele case, but by far the most important will be the size. Of course, it's always best to buy a case when you buy a ukulele, then you know the case will be correct for your ukulele. Failing that, you should get some confirmation from the retailer that the case will fit your model of ukulele. You may find retailers reluctant to promise a case will fit your ukulele if they aren't familiar with the actual model, in which case you should request the complete internal measurements of the case to check.

The important internal measurements are:

  • total length
  • body length
  • neck length
  • head box width (especially if your ukulele has geared tuners)
  • upper bout
  • waist
  • lower bout
  • Soprano Ukulele Case

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    About the Baritone Ukulele Cases

    Baritone Hardshell Cases

    These are usually made from wood, covered with a tough material for added protection. Hardshell cases are usually shaped, in the figure 8, with padding inside, as well as various compartments. Ohana and Kala offer some good quality Baritone hardshell cases.

    Baritone Hard Foam Cases

    These are like those popular violin cases, made from high density foam. This means they tend to come a little larger than the hardshell cases, since more foam is required for protection. But they do offer good protection, although some people aren't keen on how bulky they tend to be.

    Baritone Tweed Cases

    Tweed cases can really look the part, adding a vintage feel to any hard case. Ohana and Stagg both offer the tweed cases, and also Kiwaya offer a rectangular tweed case under their Freemont brand name. Tweed cases always endure problems with marks and dirt, and more severe, the material scuffing and getting picked. If you travel with your ukulele a lot, then a tweed case will look pretty grubby quite quickly.

    Baritone Soft Cases and Gig Bags

    A soft case or gig bag will never give the same protection as a hardshell case, but it will keep your ukulele from getting scratched. And of course gig bags tend to be cheaper than hard cases.

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