Ukulele CDs

There are some great ukulele CDs available, either from ukulele bands and artists, or ukulele tutorial CDs that accompany a book or ukulele course. Either way, obviously hearing ukulele music played is the best way to learn. We have selected the best ukulele CDs available, including The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain CDs, and listed them below.

Ukulele CDs for sale in UK

About the Ukulele CDs

There's no better way to learn to play a ukulele than by listening to others play. Great ukulele artists can be a really positive influence, by not only teaching you new songs and techniques, but also by inspiring you to play more. Some of the best ukulele CDs include artists such as The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Roy Smeck, Cliff Edwards, and if you enjoy the banjo ukulele, especially some impressive strumming techniques, George Formby.

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