Learning to Play the Ukulele

The ukulele can be one of the most instantly rewarding instruments to play. With only 4 strings, many ukulele chords are easy to master, and with a few simple steps you can be playing songs in minutes.

There are several good ukulele books and DVDs to help you learn the ukulele. You might also find a book of ukulele chords useful, as well as a chromatic tuner for tuning your ukulele.

There are also lots of great resources on the Internet for learning to play the ukulele, and we have listed a few below:

Tuning Your Ukulele

To help you tune your ukulele, see the Sheep Entertainment web site. This also has some nice "play along" songs.

Getting Started - Some Ukulele Basics

See Pineapple Pete's Ukulele School, UK Uke and Dr Uke for a range of useful tips, songs chords and general info. There's also a very useful range of Ukulele Tutorials at ezFolk.

Finding Ukulele Songs to Play

Chordie has a big database of songs, and if you choose the "formatted" version of any song, it will allow you to change the guitar chords to ukulele chords.

One of the best known resource around is the Beatles Ukulele site. Hours of fun for any ukulele / Beatles fan.

You might also come across "Tabs" for the ukulele. Tabs is short for Tablature, and is an easy way to read and write music for the uke. Learn how to read uke tabs at ezFolk.

Finding Inspiration

UkeCast is a great source for new ukulele music, news, reviews, interviews...Also see Midnight Ukulele Disco for clips of ukulele players from around the world. And of course, you MUST go and see The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.