Hamano Ukuleles

Hamano ukuleles are high quality, all solid mahogany ukuleles made in China, available in soprano, concert and tenor sizes. These lovely ukuleles are made from solid mahogany, and are based very much on the style of the classic ukuleles of the 1920s.

Hamano Ukuleles for sale

Hamano Soprano Ukulele

  • All solid mahogany construction
  • One-piece mahogany neck
  • Rosewood finger board with dot position markers
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Friction tuners with black buttons
  • Hamano Ukuleles

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    About the Hamano Ukulele Range

    The Hamano ukuleles were an absolute revelation when they first appeared. They were one of the first high spec, high quality ukuleles to be made in China. The Hamanos are particularly striking for their build quality - the finishing on the frets is quite something, as is the beautifully shaped, solid mahogany neck. Many of the Chinese made ukes started with necks from mahogany, but soon moved to cheaper woods (mostly poplar) to reduce costs. Hopefully the Hamanos won't go the same way.

    The Hamano range includes all solid mahogany soprano H100, concert H100-C and tenor H100-T. They are made by the huge US Music company, Saga, to their design and specification, in China. They were developed using the same design principles, materials, and knowledge from the 1920's, the Hamanos are a faithful reproduction of the most popular model of that time. Every detail has been considered and faithfully replicated from the vintage originals. A modern classic!

    On the slight negative side, the Hamanos come with standard black nylon strings from factory. A quick change to Worth or Aquila strings will help get improve the sound (and intonation) if required. Also, the all the Hamano ukuleles are fitted with friction tuners, including the tenor size. Some may feel the string tension on a tenor ukulele would require stronger, more precise geared tuners.