About Us

We started this site way back in 2004. Originally we sold ukuleles ourselves, importing them from all 4 corners of the world, so that we could offer a great choice of the best ukuleles to buyers in UK. Since then lots has changed, and so has our little ukulele shop. It was only ever a small hobby business really, and sadly we found no longer had the time to run it, and especially didn't have the time to offer the kind of customer service we wanted. But we kept the web site, and recently we have developed it a little to offer more information and impartial advice to all those wonderful people interested in ukuleles. We hope you find the site useful, and that it points you in the right direction - whether you are a beginner looking to buy your first ukulele, to an improver looking to learn new songs, or a seasoned player out for some new strings.

Thanks for visiting our site, and happy uke-ing!