Risa Ukuleles

Risa ukuleles are designed in Germany. There are 4 main types of Risa ukulele available; the Risa solid or "stick", the Uke 'Ellie, Risa Electric ukuleles (steel string) and Risa Acoustic ukuleles. The Risa solid ukes are probably the most popular, and are perfect for practice and travel. They are small and light, and can be played unplugged for some quieter practice, as well as fully amplified.

Risa Ukuleles for sale in UK

By far the most popular Risa ukulele over recent years has been the Risa Solid or Stick. These are available in soprano, concert and tenor sizes. They are renowned for being good quality, but also great for travelling, since they are so small. So we have picked out the Risa Solid Tenor uke as one of the best buys. If the soprano size is your thing, then you can't go wrong with the soprano Solid, but we love the tenor version as the walnut wood is so beautiful, as are the mother of pearl position markers. And even though it's a tenor size, it's hardly a BIG ukulele!

Risa Solid Tenor

  • Made from 1 piece of solid walnut
  • Satin finish
  • Beautiful pearloid block fingerboard inlays
  • 17 frets
  • Aluminium bridge
  • Passive Piezo pickup
  • Friction Grover tuners
  • Worth Strings
  • Risa Solid Ukulele

    The Risa Solid Soprano ukulele has 2 little brothers; a soprano size and concert size. See above for the best deals and prices on Risa ukuleles.

    About the Risa Ukulele Range

    There are 4 main types of Risa ukulele available; the Risa solid or "stick", the Uke 'Ellie, Risa Electric ukuleles (steel string) and Risa Acoustic ukuleles.

    Risa Solid or Risa Stick Ukuleles

    These are really popular, especially for those who perhaps already have an acoustic ukulele, but need something they can travel with, or play some quiet practice, and of course these little uke sticks can be plugged into any amp. They are well made (in Czech Republic I believe) to a high spec. The soprano comes in solid maple and the tenor in solid walnut. They are very small and light, and can probably fit in a suitcase or piece of hand luggage. A couple of negative points: some players find the tuning pegs to be awkwardly placed and to get in the way. This may depend on playing styles. However, the Risa solid ukuleles aren't made for left-handed players. Left-handed players should look at the Risa Uke 'Ellie. Changing the strings on the Risa solid ukes is a bit tricky too, but can be worked out with a bit of patience.

    Risa Electric Ukulele

    The Risa electric ukuleles are probably the only steel string ukes readily available. These are purely electric - there's next to no sound from them acoustically. But the lipstick pickups work a treat and the build quality is excellent. However, the body can feel quite heavy for some, especially those used to playing an acoustic uke. These electric ukuleles are available in red or tobacco sunburst.

    Risa Uke 'Ellie

    The uke with the hole! The Risa Uke 'Ellie is yet another unique design from Risa. These are similar in some ways to the Risa Solid ukes, but the shape means they are equally good for right or left handed players.

    Risa Acoustic Ukuleles

    Risa have made a range of acoustic models in the past, but the most common and most popular these days are the models with the solid spruce top and walnut back and sides. They are particularly popular in the soprano size, and the tenor size which has a cut-away body design.