Ukulele Books

There are several useful books for learning to play the ukulele, plus some comprehensive ukulele chord books, and one or two ukulele history books too. Some of the tutorial books come with a useful CD.

Ukulele Books for sale in UK

Best Ukulele Books

There are many ukulele books to choose from, aimed at a range of levels and interest, so we have picked out a few that we hope will help you find the right book

Best Chord Book

The Hal Leonard ukulele chord book is by far the most comprehensive. It comes in 2 sizes, A4 and A5. The A5 size is especially useful for just tucking away inside your ukulele case.

Best for Beginners

The Absolute Beginners ukulele books are a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to learn to play the ukulele, especially the book with CD. It's always helpful to hear how the lessons should be played. There is also a ukulele DVD version of this ukulele course available.

Best for Songs

There are so many ukulele song books available, with something to suit all tastes. But a good song book should have songs that are not only to your own tastes, but fun and satisfying to play. In which case we suggest some of the The Beatles ukulele songbooks for anyone just starting out. If you're a bit more advanced, then also see John King's Classical Ukulele, and Herb Ohta's Sophisticated ukulele.

Best for Improvers and more Advanced Players

The Ukulele Fretboard Roadmaps is a great book for expanding your knowledge of the ukulele.

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