Mahalo Ukuleles

Mahalo ukuleles are everywhere these days! And it's not so surprising, since they are so well priced, and offer good quality and great value. These ukes are perfect for all kids, especially as they come in some great colours, plus they are a good starter uke for anyone (kid or not!) wanting to start playing the ukulele but not wanting to spend too much.

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Mahalo Soprano Ukulele in various colours

  • Soprano size
  • available in a huge range of colours including red, green, yellow, black, white and blue
  • side geared tuners
  • maple body
  • Mahalo Ukulele

    There are 2 types of this simple but effective little soprano ukulele; one with side geared tuners (as above), and another with more basic friction tuners (these stick straight out of the back, not to the side). The friction tuners are pretty poor quality, and you may well find the ukulele losing its tuning regularly. So try to buy a Mahalo with geared tuners if you can! See above for the best deals on Mahalo ukuleles in UK.

    About the Mahalo Ukulele Range

    The Mahalo ukulele range has grown a lot over the last few years. They are still best known for the basic colourful soprano size ukuleles, but they now offer higher end ukuleles in soprano concert, tenor and baritone sizes, plus some unusual ukuleles, like the Flying V shape, or the Telecaster and Les Paul style ukuleles. This was an idea originally done by Kiwaya and their K-Wave ukuleles, which were of better quality. Sadly the K-wave ukuleles are no longer available.

    But if you're not sure which one to buy, then stick to the standard soprano shape. These are cheaper, and probably sound better too. But be prepared to change the strings if you want the ukulele to sound better and the intonation (the ukulele to play in tune all up the neck) to improve. Some players prefer to use Aquila strings on the Mahalo ukuleles, rather than the cheap strings that are on the Mahalos from the factory.

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