KoAlana Ukuleles

KoAlana ukuleles are designed by the famous KoAloha Ukulele Co and made in China. They offer a cheaper alternative to the Hawaiian made KoAloha ukuleles, and are available in soprano, concert and tenor sizes, from solid sapele and the recently introduced solid koa models.

KoAlana Ukuleles for sale

KoAlana Soprano Ukulele - Solid Sapele

  • 12 frets
  • Solid Sapele Top, Back and Sides
  • Sapele neck and fingerboard
  • White dot position markers
  • KoAloha style 5-pointed Crown Headstock
  • Nickel friction tuners with cream buttons
  • KoAlana Ukuleles

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    About the KoAlana Ukulele Range

    KoAlana ukes are made in China, under the watchful eye of the KoAloha Ukulele Co of Hawaii. The KoAlanas were specifically introduced to offer an affordable version of the highly sought after KoAloha ukuleles. They incorporate many of the same characteristics as the KoAloha ukuleles; the "Musubi" Soundhole, 5-pointed Crown Headstock, and in particular the revolutionary "unibrace". All ukuleles have some internal bracing in the body, for strength and support. KoAloha developed a unique way of achieving this with the absolute minimal bracing structure, therefore allowing the sound to ring out without being dampened by extra bracing. KoAloha called this the "unibrace". Look inside KoAlana ukuleles or a KoAloha ukulele and you will see it.

    The KoAlana range includes soprano, concert and tenor sized ukuleles. Most of the models are made from solid sapele, which is a wood very similar to mahogany. KoAlana have also recently introduced a range of ukuleles in solid koa.

    The first KoAlana ukuleles were of very poor quality. Nearly all of them needed a lot of work to make them playable. Hopefully things have improved since then. But this experience certainly didn't help the reputation of Chinese made ukuleles, which was a real shame. There are some uke companies (Ohana and Kala in particular) who get some great ukuleles made in China.