Ohana Ukuleles

Superbly made using beautiful materials. These fabulous sounding ukuleles are available in Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone sizes. Ohana are ukulele specialists - they have been making ukuleles for years. They ONLY make ukuleles, and have a great reputation for high quality and great value.

Ohana Ukuleles for sale in UK

There are some amazing little ukuleles in the Ohana range. All the sizes are extremely popular - soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. People love that the Ohanas are affordable - you do get a lot of ukulele for your money, and it's hard to pick out a single model as a "best buy". But if we have to pick one, it's the good old Ohana SK-35. This is one of the best sellers and most popular ukuleles around. If you are looking for a great sounding, standard sized ukulele, then the SK-35G is for you. This uke is perfect for as a quality "first uke" or an "improvers" uke, since the build and sound is excellent, but the price is well within reach. So if you don't already have a good quality, solid mahogany soprano ukulele, then get one of these!

Ohana SK-35 Details

  • All solid mahogany body
  • Rosewood fretboard, bridge
  • Rosewood binding
  • Gotoh friction tuners
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Aquila strings
  • The Ohana SK-35 also has a glamorous and glossy "sister", called the SK-35 G. See above for the best deals and prices on Ohana ukuleles.

    About the Ohana Ukulele Range

    Ohana have developed one of the most comprehensive ranges of ukuleles around today. It really shows that they have been making ukuleles for a long time! The Ohana ukuleles range includes something for everyone, from the simple, cheap and cheerful SK-10, to the all solid Koa wood SK-350. The Ohana model names are easy to follow: SK are the soprano size, CK concert, TK tenor and BK baritone. The PK models are pineapple shape, meaning the body isn't the standard curvy figure 8 shape, and doesn't have a "waist". Any model number with CE after it means the ukulele has inbuilt electronics; an undersaddle pickup and onboard pre-amp, usually with volume and tone controls.

    Non Solid or Laminated Ukuleles by Ohana

    The cheaper, non solid wood, ukuleles are often made of a cheaper wood underneath, with a nicer looking wood (such as mahogany) laminated on top. This of course makes them cheaper, and some would say more sturdy. However, a laminated wood ukulele rarely sounds as good as a solid wood version. Having a solid wood top in particular, can make a nig difference. The non-solid wood ukuleles from Ohana include the sopranos SK-10, and the coloured SK-15 (made in blue, green, red and black). The Pineapple shape PK-10, the concert CK-10S (the "s" standing for side tuning pegs), and the tenor TK-10.

    Ohana ukulele with a solid top and laminated back and sides include the SK-20s, concert CK-20s and CK-20CE, tenor TK-20 and TK-20CE and baritone BK-20 and BK-20CE.

    Solid Mahogany Ukuleles by Ohana

    The solid mahogany ukuleles from Ohana include the wonderful soprano SK-25, SK-35 and SK-35G (G standing for gloss). These are probably the most popular of all mid-priced ukuleles. There are also concert versions (CK-25, CK-35 and CK-35G), tenor sizes TK-35 and TK-35G, and a baritone BK-35.

    Other Solid Wood Ukuleles by Ohana

    Ohana make an all solid koa model, the SK, CK and TK-300, and the 350 (which has more decoration), which is available in soprano, concert and tenor sizes. But since good quality koa is very expensive, like many ukulele makers, Ohana have been introducing ukulele models in a variety of different woods, including the TK and CK 50, with a solid cedar top. More recently Ohana have introduced the SK-50MG, SK-50WG, SK-70MG ukuleles, which are made with solid cedar or spruce tops, and mahogany or willow back and sides. These are incredibly beautiful, especially the cedar top versions.

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