The Ukulele Shop is now closed, but the site has been developed to help you find the very best ukuleles, ukulele strings, ukulele cases, books, CDs and DVDs, and all ukulele accessories. We have included information, advice and reviews for all the various ukuleles and all things ukulele related.

Our choice of the best ukuleles, cases, strings and accessories...

Ohana UkulelesOhana Ukuleles

Superbly made using beautiful materials. These fabulous sounding ukuleles are available in Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone sizes. Made by ukulele specialists, Ohana have been making ukuleles for years. They ONLY make ukuleles, and have a great reputation for high quality and great value.

Kala UkulelesKala Ukuleles

Kala ukuleles are made in China, and are known for using unusual woods such as Mango and Flamed Maple.

Pono UkulelesPono Ukuleles

The Pono range was designed and developed by John Kitakis at the world famous Ko'olau Ukulele Company. Each instrument is handcrafted under strict quality control by Ko'olau on the Island of Java, then set up and inspected at the Ko'olau Ukulele factory in Hawaii. The attention to detail is superior to any instrument in this price range. These all solid wood instruments are made of beautiful ribbon, quarter-sawn Honduran Mahogany. The sound is clear and well balanced, with a lovely, warm tone - reminiscent of vintage instruments.

Risa UkulelesRisa Ukuleles

Risa ukuleles are made in Germany. The solids are perfect for practice and travel and the design of the Ellie makes it equally suitable for left and right handed players.

Kanilea UkulelesKanilea Ukuleles

Beautiful all solid koa ukuleles, hand crafted in Hawaii by Kanile'a. Superb gloss or satin finish available, all with a wonderful, rich sound.

Hamano UkulelesHamano Ukuleles

Developed using the same design principles, materials, and knowledge from the 1920's, the Hamanos are a faithful reproduction of the most popular model of that time. Every detail has been considered and faithfully replicated from the vintage originals.

Ukulele DVDsUkulele DVDs

DVDs are by far the most useful and popular way to learn the ukulele, and there are some excellent ukulele tutorial DVDs available, including Ralph Shaw and Absolute Beginners series.

Aquila Ukulele StringsAquila Ukulele Strings

Probably the most popular ukulele strings around, made from Nylgut, for soprano, concert, tenor, baritone and banjo ukuleles.

Worth Ukulele StringsWorth Ukulele Strings

Worth strings are made in Japan and offer sets for soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles. Worth ukulele strings are made from flouro carbon, and sets do not include any wound strings. Worth strings are sold in double lengths.

Ko'olau Gold Ukulele StringsKo'olau Gold Ukulele Strings

Ko'olau Gold Ukulele Strings are made from highly polished nylon, in USA. Ko'olau Gold offer sets for soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles.

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